"Surround yourself with those that elevate you to a higher frequency"

The THREADS of our lives are woven together to make the fabric of our mind, body and SOULS.

My story of personal evolution

Evolution & empowerment has been a  constant theme in my life.  I believe success  is a journey and there is not one blue print that works for us all.  Design your life by listening to your inner spirit & voice. Shut out the negativity but learn the lessons.


The foundation for me starts with spirituality & self love.  After ending my very abusive marriage when I  was just in my early 20's and  stepping away from the negativity and struggle, I met and married my true soulmate. Now married for more that 18years, I can say that true commitment,  pure unconditional love and passion does exist. I have also been blessed with 2 amazing daughters.


I have many layers, or "threads" to who I am. I am a child of God, wife, mama, sister, daughter, friend as well as a personal fitness trainer, holistic wellness advocate and life coach; fashion designer and true visionary. I didn't come to life to play small and neither should you. Honor who you are by experiencing all that you can. Know that at any given moment you can experience your own Rebirth and move in a different direction... No apology necessary.


I design from a place of inspiration and appreciation of the life I live and the stunning world around me. I choose to surround myself with amazing & inspiring individuals; these are members of my tribe. Listening to the quiet allows me to focus. When I do this and I am in the moment, the creative part of my being takes over and ideas flow like water. Pure, natural & authentic.


A lesson in personal evolution can come  into your life sometimes at the most unexpected moments. The best advice is to surrender to it. If you can do that, you will grow, change and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Be open & aware.




Tracey Martin Designer, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach / Inspirational Speaker




     Tracey Martin and I connected on a professional level at first, but that quickly blossomed into a beautiful personal relationship, as I admire her in every arena of her life.  She is a positive, motivating, uplifting, strong, yet humble woman who I turn to for business and personal advise, as her confidence, high morals, and significant experiences in life have shaped her into a true guide for various areas of my life.  She is a true inspiration who I respect greatly, and feel blessed to have in my life.


GG Benitez, CEO

GG Benitez & Associates Public Relations, Inc.



     I began working with Tracey during a tumultuous and transitional time in my life.  I had vague ideas of what I wanted and where I wanted to be and an even vaguer understanding of how I could accomplish those goals.  There was also a great deal of apprehension; meeting with Tracey meant acknowledging my own shortcomings with more depth and honesty than I was previously committing. The ease I felt with Tracey within the first five minutes was remarkable and the apprehension immediately erased.  I felt like she cared so deeply for me, my well being and my happiness. It was almost palpable; I could read it on her face as much as in the words she was speaking.  It made me feel so welcomed, so comfortable, and it energized me to my core in a way I hadn't been able to muster up myself for some time.  When we left that initial session Tracey told me that she could see my greatness, and that she knew wonderful things were awaiting me in life.  I walked into that session uncertain that greatness and wonder awaited me, but I walked out assured of it.  What I needed most to get through that transition and turmoil was to believe I could get through it. Thats what Tracey gave me.  She listens, she provides thoughtful solutions to problems, but most of all Tracey cares so deeply, and believes so strongly in you that you begin to feel that way about yourself again.  Tracey empowers you to reach your potential and fulfill your dreams. Its a gift she has, and I'm just so fortunate she's chosen to share it with the rest of us.


Micah Gould



      Tracey is not only a truly dimensional business woman, she is an inspiration for my life.  Through my work with her I have been able to ground myself in my life and strengthen my creativity and talents.  While working with her I found no judgment or restraint. Instead, I found that I was being pushed by a positive force to better myself and my work to reflect the energy I was being given. I have been able to accomplish more in the year that I have been with her than I ever have before. I consider her a great friend of mine and I am honored to have her as a mentor.   She will undoubtedly listen to everything a person will have to say and actually SEE them for who they are.  Tracey is determined, incredibly smart and generous with her kind heart.  She leads by example, is efficient in understanding and wise in her solutions. Tracey Martin is a force that will have a most profound effect on your life, turning you into a better you, without you even realizing it. Whether you meet her in business or in personal friendship she will be a radiant light in your life.


Casey Carrington

Graphic Designer and Photographer